La Corriente is a collective house in the Santa Fe neighborhood, in downtown Bogotá, Colombia. It is a community project based on solidarity, exchange, horizontality and mutual support. La Corriente is a space made up of many spaces, open to the neighborhood, to the city and to all who wish to participate.
Our house is still under construction… Help us build it!

Our roots
This house began with the collectivization of inheritances and salaries. Some years ago, a few people dreamed of living in a place where they were not stifled by the need to pay rent. In 2019, after searching for more people and groups who wanted to co-create this space, we arrived at what is now La Corriente, a former kindergarten that was in a state of ruin.
Since 2019, individuals and collectives have come together at La Corriente to share ideas, desires, differences and give shape to a collective dream. We have learned from other collectives and autonomous spaces and dedicated hours of work to find agreement on what to call ourselves, how to make decisions, manage conflicts, organize daily life and not give up on this endeavor. This is our political gamble.

Our project
La Corriente is committed to being a self-managed project that opposes capitalist interests. The house is intended to be an open and available space for the people who live in the neighborhood and give us a place to work hand in hand with groups and collectives in the area.

Help us build the house!

Campaña profondos versión acueducto y alcantarillado

Con todo el apoyo que hemos recibido logramos construir la estructura de esta casa colectiva.
Ahora buscamos tener servicios públicos y comenzaremos por el agua; iniciaremos la construcción del sistema de tuberías y drenaje. Además, una de nuestras prioridades es poder aprovechar el agua lluvia para los inodoros y la huerta comunitaria, así que construiremos un tanque subterráneo de recolección y una bomba para propulsar el agua a todos los pisos de la casa.  Para hacer realidad todo esto, necesitamos 14 millones de pesos. Hay muchas formas en las que puedes apoyar:

  1. Dona a través de esta web
  2. Habla de La Corriente con tus amigues, familiares, compañeres o cualquier persona que pueda estar interesada en el proyecto y en apoyar su avance.
  3. Si quieres participar en la construcción de la corriente, mándanos un correo y únete al proceso colectivo!
    ¡Gracias por hacer parte de este sueño!

So far, we have managed to redesign the space, demolish the interior, remove the floor and rebuild it. We worked on the structure and began construction of the space based on the future we envisioned for it.

We are currently working on adapting the house with the basic necessities. For this we will launch several campaigns intended to help us set up the electrics and install the water and gas systems.

In the future we will be managing the resources for the open house which will have a neighborhood vegetable garden, a sports space for feminist self-defense practice, a bakery, a library, a community market, a laboratory of open technologies and more, which will always be open. 

For La Corriente to be an open house we need financial resources, materials and labor. 

Take part or donate in kind by writing to Share this campaign so that more people can join us!

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Thank you!

Cra. 19b # 23 – 30